Gary's Alevere Journey...


Gary's Alevere Journey

Losing lbs with Alevere Therapy to raise £'s

Gary Goldsmith

My weight as a kid and through my 20’s and even into my 30’s was very skinny and athletic. I could eat anything and not put on weight.

However, the years of work hard play hard in the world of recruitment got the better of my waist line and by my 40's the ability to deal with pub lunches and late nights got the better of me. Whilst I was working, the only attention I paid to my diet was to avoid carbs (when that became fashionable) wherever possible, and was very unscientific!

A few years back someone asked me why I was super-sized when my family are so slim? Charming I thought, but it did strike a chord.

The family they were referring to was obviously my sister Carole Middleton and my nieces Kate and Pippa. Carole has always looked after herself and eaten healthily and she has a stunning figure and that mentality of considering your diet and exercise is evident in the girls also.

Roll forward to now and I’m in a new phase of life with three new business and constant working lunches and social events. As a result, I've managed to peak at an embarrassing 17 stone 8 pounds.

Mixed together with lots of Father Christmas jibes, I've realised I need to lose weight!

Gary's Alevere Journey

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Gary's Alevere Journey

  • 2017

  • Week Four

    I’ve had some blood test results back this week and everything is brill and the Alevere Therapy doctor is really pleased.

    My blood pressure is much better; although it wasn’t really high to start with, there has still been an improvement. Also, the visceral fat around my organs is rapidly disappearing.

    AND I’m still losing inches!

  • Week Three

    Each InBody test will print out a full-page results sheet detailing your muscle, fat, and water values. The InBody also provides you with lean mass and fat values in each segment of the body to give you a proper assessment of body composition.